Why is peace an important concept?

Why is peace an important concept?

Living in peace is our ultimate goal. If the world we live in is peaceful, it can ensure our survival. Beside this, it enables us to work on projects and even to progress spiritually. Any individual on earth wish to enjoy sustainable serenity in their life. That is the reason why peace has become an important concept. Yet, it can never prevent man to engage himself into a conflict.

Peace is vital since the outcome of conflicts are often disastrous

Death, the loss of the dearest ones, the loss of hope due to depression, and especially, the loss of self-esteem are, among many others, the terrible impacts of conflicts in our life. In general, people who live in conflicts have a difficulty to obtain peace. Anyway, how can you be serenity with yourself if you are compelled to flee from your homeland?

In order to prevent such tragic impacts of conflicts from happening, it is primordial to maintain peace. It is the only way that can save any individual from having to undergo a post-conflict experience in life.

Moreover, hardly is it possible to restore your life back into normal within a year or even within five years after the conflict. In fact, it will take you quite many years before everything returns into normal.

Peace is the only tool to stabilize the political situation in all nations worldwide

Conflicts often result from inequality, injustice or exclusion. It is common that people try to solve problems by using military measures. However, these are the least suitable solutions to dissolve the trouble. Responding the feelings of frustration with violence may lead to overreaction, which in turn, may bring about other countless conflicts.

Therefore, before engaging in any conflict or any war, it is better to do your best to restore harmony. However, it is challenging to solve the problem through diplomacy especially if the leaders themselves are not in harmony with each other.

In fact, such a situation made Prem Rawat said that before ensuring harmony in the community and in the world, it is vital that each individual be serene with themselves. To have more information about this man, visit https://www.tprf.org/prem-rawat/

Peace Gives a Sense of security

In order to live in serenity, it is crucial that the world where we live be in security. However, it is not possible to promote security unless everyone in the society is in peace with each other. In fact, this does not consist of ensuring the individual's physical security; instead, it mainly concerns: 

  • Food security, 
  • Economic security, 
  • And public security.

By combining those three basic components, it is possible for each individual to lead a peaceful life. This will eventually enable them to develop their individual and social potentials. As a result, peace is of a great value not only in each individual's life, but also in the life of the whole nation.

Peace enables each individual to progress at their own pace

To enable each individual the focus on their daily life, it is necessary that they live in a serene environment. Once they are sure that they have nothing to be afraid of, they will be able to focus all their attention to their life goals. Such an idea is also valid for the whole nation. Under no circumstances can a war-torn country boost its economy; thus, it will be tough for that country to take any economic development initiative.

That was probably the reason why Prem Rawat launched a call to promote peace education to all leaders in the world. By teaching peace keeping to each individual, the population will be less enclined to create conflicts. Obviously, any individual who has peace within their soul will never resort to violence when they are faced with life constraints.